Our mission is to provide world-wide internet exposure via a unique artistic expression (full-color caricature community map) featuring our local businesses along with roads, schools, churches, parks and historic sites specifically designed to promote the unique spirit and history of our towns, cities, neighborhoods and communities and to encourage the support of local businesses.



Our mission is important because we need to re-focus attention on our local businesses who support the infrastructure of our towns and cities by providing jobs, collecting and paying taxes and creating overall economic activity as they compete with on-line shopping.

The best way to get more customers is to show them a map to the front door of your business.  Over the years, we have produced numerous caricature maps featuring local businesses with much success and now, information about your business can be available on our website providing even more exposure.

While we will produce and distribute full color printed versions of our maps, the real value is an all new unique digital microsite strategy designed to provide our businesses world-wide exposure on the Internet via the latest technology available.  Specific details and information utilizing digital links such as your telephone, email, your website, Facebook, Twitter, a Google map to your business address and other links are designed specifically to showcase your business and create accessibility with a simple click of the mouse.

The cost for a business to participate could be less than $25.00 a month depending on the location of the project.  This includes your own personally designed and approved microsite with your choice of content, all the latest links where applicable, accessible by mobile devices, inclusion on the full color printed versions and with promotional advertising options to increase sales for your business. 

A.G. Crowe, a successful businessman for many decades while serving as a school board member and state legislator, started one of his first businesses in Slidell (St. Tammany Office Products) by sponsoring a caricature poster map with his friend and artist, Ron Barthet.  The project was so successful that dozens of new projects featuring businesses from various towns and cities have since been produced.

To be included, please call 985.788.9772 or email info@shoplocalusa.online to reserve your place on the map.

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