Join with us as a Sponsoring Partner

Please contact us today at or call us at 985.788.9772 to learn more about becoming a sponsoring partner to produce a beautiful full-color print and digital map for your area.  This is the perfect project for the local chamber of commerce, a local newspaper, a radio station, a major company or bank.  We can customize a plan to fit your budget and desired outcome.

 Join with us as an Exclusive Marketing Agent

We are now interviewing Exclusive Marketing Agents thoughtout the USA.  This all new fun and unique approach to helping local businesses get more exposure on the world-wide web via digital caricature maps is the talk of the industry!

We are excited to share our profitable experiences with qualified individuals who would like to run their own business and work their own hours. Why “rent” your job working for others when you can “own” your job working for yourself?

There is a potential digital map project for every town, city or county near you.  We can reserve and protect territories for multiple years so you can earn additional revenue for renewals.  You can live and work where you want to live and work.

We will provide comprehensive training, the artistic, administrative and technical support as well as the tools to be successful.  We’ll even have a marketing hotline set up to assist you in your efforts to sign up business prospects.

We will work with you to set your goals and expectations as well as establish a time line for completing your project based on your specific needs and times available.  If a town has 1,000 businesses, we aim for signing up at least 25% of them or 250 businesses.  While you will determine your own rates with our guidance, businesses should expect to pay at least $300 to participate.  When calculating the numbers, one can see the tremendous revenue generating opportunity this becomes, even after paying for our services.  Going forward, additional revenue can be earned for each year of renewals.

Some folks sign up for one or two territories and work part-time while others work multiple territories and work full-time.  It’s your schedule, and your decision. Some folks hit the road in their RV and earn money while they travel.

There’s plenty more exciting information to share so if you would like to take the next step, please email us at or call me on my personal cell at 985.788.9772.

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